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Six-man camping tents are a real find for a large family that loves the outdoors. Now a large company does not have to carry several temporary “houses” at once – one structure is enough for all family members. In order to hike was not marred by various factors, it is worth responsible approach to the choice of a six-person tent.
But what are the peculiarities? How to choose a tent? Which manufacturers are the leaders? Today let’s analyze.


Some words about 6-man tents

Six-man camping tents are designed for long stays in nature for a large company. Of all the variety of camping equipment, these models are the heaviest (about 20 kg). Therefore, they can only be transported by car. However, these solutions provide greater comfort than the usual tourist tents. A considerable level of comfort is achieved thanks to the solid height of the tent and a roomy vestibule.

Camping 6-seat tent is much cheaper than two three-bed tent. In addition, it is much more fun to spend time with six people, and the vestibule area is used more efficiently.

According to the purpose we can distinguish the following

  1. Assault or also known as extreme
  2. Expeditionary
  3. Trekking tent
  4. Camping

Types of tent shape

  • Hemisphere
  • Marquee
  • Double pitched (House)

Now, lets talk about the features of 6-man tents

This is a good option for campers, auto-travelers, and picnic lovers. Such a large product will also be suitable for organizing a children’s camp. These tents have a large area, for one sleeping place is allocated a width of 60-80 cm. There are copies of the height of 180 cm, in such products, adults can freely move, standing at full height. Usually the manufacturer provides two or three exits, vestibule, corridor.

Some tents allow dividing the inner area into several zones, for example: sleeping, dining, household. Good ventilation in a small crowded room is achieved by the presence of windows on the walls and under the ceiling. To ensure that campers can comfortably put their belongings, there are pockets on the walls of the six-person tent.
The main purpose of any tent – protection from harsh weather conditions and natural factors. Therefore, all large tents have good wind resistance and are equipped with mosquito nets. To reduce the negative impact of the sun’s rays, special materials are used in the manufacture of the tent. Kits can also include removable waterproof decking. The lightest copies of six-seat tents have a mass of 6.5 kg. Usually there is 1 kg of weight for each camper. However, more popular are the samples, which weigh 8-13 kg.

Weight is one of the disadvantages of a six-man tent compared to smaller products. But if you count the total weight of several single and double tents for six people, it turns out that the purchase of such a copy is even more reasonable. This also applies to the price of the product. Also among the disadvantages can be noted and the impossibility of self-assembly.

Example 2 - What may be the size of tents and placement of people
Example 2 – What may be the size of tents and placement of people

What material is used to create tents?

The frame determines the durability, wind resistance and weight of the tent. The frame is made of plastic or metal. Plastic is cheaper, metal is more durable and better withstands assembly and disassembly. Metal frames are made of thin-walled tubes, they are lightweight. Plastic – a solid rod with a channel under the rubber cord, so plastic arcs are heavier than metal. The larger the diameter of the frame arcs, the more reliable and rigid it is – the tent won’t sway when you touch it when you go inside.


We’re not saying that plastic is bad and metal is good. Each type of frame has a different purpose:

  • If you need a tent for a couple of weekend getaways a year, it doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive metal-framed tent;
  • If you’re going on a hike, water or bike trip, and every day you’ll spend the night in a new place, do not buy a tent on the fiberglass, this frame may suffice only for one campaign, if it is long enough. Choose duralpol or metal;
  • If you plan to hike every year in long hikes, where you need to constantly collect and disassemble the tent – choose metal, with careful handling it will serve for many years.
  • Inexpensive and the most common material of tent frames. Such a frame has no residual deformation, ie, after disassembly, the section always remains straight. If you try to break a new plastic section over a knee – it will not break.
    • Plastic is afraid of other things:
  • Shocks – when you put the tent in the package, do not put the frame down, you can hit the bag against a rock, the frame will start to splinter;
  • Sunlight – under its influence, the plastic ages and begins to split along its length. The old section may break in half;
  • Frost – at sub-zero temperatures, the plastic becomes more brittle.
  • It is difficult to repair in the field, it is better to grab spare sections in advance.
Plastic tubes
Plastic tubes


The material is hard and durable. Tent on such a frame stands strong and allows a lot of assembling / disassembling. It does not age from the sun, retains its strength for a long time and is not afraid of frost.

Metal itself is heavier than plastic, but because it is stiff and strong, the frames are made of thin-walled tubes. As a result, the weight of the metal frame is less than that of plastic.

A metal frame is a way to reduce the weight of the tent and extend its longevity. After all, the first thing that plastic tents fail is the frame.

The bigger the tent, the heavier it is, the longer the arcs, the greater the load on them. Accordingly, they must have a larger diameter.

Thanks to the ability to deform and the large thickness of the wall, the frame is unpretentious and less afraid of accidental bumps. And if you suddenly bend the arc more than necessary, or fall on it, it will bend rather than break. A bent section is easy enough to straighten right on the spot.
With frequent use, the upper sections of the dome will bend, but this does not affect their strength, nor does it affect the rigidity of the structure. With prolonged use, after a few years, if the top sections do lose elasticity – they can be replaced.

Metal tubes
Metal tubes

How to choose a tent?

To choose the right camping six-person tent, you need to consider several basic indicators and characteristics:

  • The size of the sleeping compartment and vestibule.
  • Materials of tents and frame.
  • Number of entrances.
  • Water resistance.
  • The size of the vestibule tangibly affects the comfort. If there are two, you can store things in one, and the second can be used as a kitchen. Models with spacious vestibules, as a rule, are heavier. The sleeping compartment should be at least 2,0-2,2 meters long. Its width, however, varies. However, for a camping six-man tent, it should be 3,6-4,5 m.

It is better to choose options that are equipped with several bedrooms. Then it will be possible to accommodate two families there at once. Comfort will be facilitated by the presence of a hook under the ceiling to fix the lamp.

Six-man tent in the forestThe tent has to be made of synthetic material with a high level of hygroscopicity (nylon, nylon, lavsan, polyester). This will protect the tent from damage and extend its service life. Glued seams will not allow precipitation to flow inside and increase the level of moisture protection, which is very important in the autumn-spring period. The frame can be made of any durable material: fiberglass, aluminum or steel. Do not buy models with plastic arcs, as they will quickly break.

The number of entrances directly affects the convenience of the tent. If there are several of them, you will not need to step over a sleeping neighbor. Multiple entrances allow ventilation of the room, especially it is appropriate if three or more people sleep in it.

Which 6-man tents we recommend

1. Greenell Virginia 6 Plus

Greenell Virginia 6 Plus
Greenell Virginia 6 Plus
Featuresvents, wind/snow protection skirt, inner pockets, inner tent, canopy, windows, glued seams, reinforced corners
Awning / bottom water resistance6,000 / 10,000 mm Hg
Accessoriesflashlight mountable, mosquito net, storm deflector
Type of assemblyouter carcass
Number of seats6
Number of rooms2
Number of vestibules1
Number of entrances2

2. HI-GEAR Zenobia 6 Nightfall Tent

HI-GEAR Zenobia 6 Nightfall Tent
HI-GEAR Zenobia 6 Nightfall Tent
Packed size68 x 33 x 33cm
Pitch size and height700 x 240 x 210cm
Fire retardantYes
Pole typeFibreglass
Pitch time20 minutes
Characteristics HI-GEAR Zenobia 6 Nightfall Tent



In conclusion

That was the basic information to help you decide on a 6-person tent. The brands that we have added are solely our opinion, a recommendation from professionals.

In conclusion, finding the perfect 6-person tent can be a daunting task with so many options available on the market. However, by considering the size, weight, durability, ease of setup, and other features, you can narrow down your choices and select the best tent that suits your needs. After reviewing several top-rated 6-person tents on the market, we can confidently recommend our top picks, including the Nemo Wagontop 6P, REI Kingdom 6, and Coleman WeatherMaster 6. These tents offer exceptional space, comfort, and durability, making them ideal for family camping trips or group outings. Ultimately, the right tent for you will depend on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. We hope that this expert review has provided valuable insights to help you make an informed decision and enjoy your next camping adventure with confidence.

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  1. It’s great to see expert reviews and comparisons of 6-person tents for camping enthusiasts. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. The reviews and comparisons provided on the website can be a helpful resource for making an informed decision. It’s important to consider factors like size, weight, durability, and ease of setup when selecting a 6-person tent. It’s also helpful to read customer reviews to get a sense of how the tent performs in real-world conditions. Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the best 6-person tents on the market and can be a useful reference for anyone looking to purchase a tent for their next outdoor adventure.

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